The Land of Adam Story

So shortly after I started my design business in 2007, I took out a personal loan to buy my first camera. Yes, ignorance truly is bliss. With virtually no experience and more curiosity than a troop of cats, I taught myself how to use it and became obsessed with it. I documented my children's lives. I began to explore places I never thought I would – many of them with my family. I looked at the world around me differently and began to find beauty in even the most ordinary objects. In essence, this black box of buttons and glass developed a deeper sense of gratitude in me for the wonderful world we live in.

That's why Land of Adam is intended to be more than just fine art photography for the home or office. It's the opportunity to celebrate that same wonderment and exploration my family and I have found. It's seeing the world differently and desiring the spirit of discovery from the comfort of your own base camp.