3 Unique things about Kauai, Hawaii

3 Unique things about Kauai, Hawaii

This month my wife and I, along with our youngest, traveled to Kauai to experience the Hawaiian culture. Now, in full disclosure, this was my wife's birthday and she never gets good birthday presents from me. But this year I was smart and pre-booked our trip. Way better than dinner at the Outback with an awkward iTunes gift card.

Anyway, after being on Maui last year and meeting so many awesome people, I decided I would bring her back. We had dinner with good friends on Maui and spent a lot of time on Kauai. This was the first time on the island for both of us and there were three things that we noticed that were pretty unique.

1. There are wild chickens and roosters everywhere. They're in your yard, by the food trucks, on the road... everywhere. The roosters wake you up in the morning and then they try to steal your breakfast.

2. Rain comes and goes. There's no real prediction to it. It's great, it rains and then a few minutes later, you don't have to be mad anymore. The sun is back out. And it's chillier there than we expected. One evening was so chilly we felt we needed a hoodie.

3. We haven't been to all the islands, but this has to be the most chill of them all. Nothing moves fast there and it was nice not having to do anything other than soak up all the awesomeness around us.

Now that we're back I'm working on images I shot while there. We will be unleashing the Kauai Collection in September with super-unique frames. Check out the video for a taste of Kauai and the collection.

Mahalo and Aloha!